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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Speaking at FITC 2011

I'm thrilled to be speaking at FITC 2011. I had a blast speaking last year, but this year promises to be even bigger. It's their 10th anniversary, so inspiration is sure to be bursting out of your eye-holes.

I'm just small potatoes compared to the likes of:
Kyle Cooper • Flight404 • GMUNK • Theo Watson • Andre Michelle • MK12 • RIM • Lee Brimelow • Veronique Brossier • Julian Dolce • BLITZ • Grupow • Wesley Grubbs • Jam3media • Branden hall • Unity3D • Fuel Industries • Big Spaceship • The Secret Location • Colin Moock • Matt Rix • Bitchwhocodes • Robert Reinhardt • Grant Skinner • James White • Plus over 50 more. See all

After all that, I'd love to see you at my presentation,
Coloring Outside The Lines - Creating Apps, Art, & Profit
App stores and emerging distribution platforms have ushered in countless practical and entertaining apps. While innovation is in abundance, expressive apps seem largely under-represented. This presentation is about creative tools: why there should be more, and what you can do about it. 
Two years ago, David created his first commercial app, Livebrush. Over half a million downloads later, he is still surprised at the response. But what’s next? And is there a market for similar tools? Topics will follow his journey from tinkering to profit and why creating toys can be more fun than playing with them.

They're still offering Early Bird discounts (ends March 18th): The first 50 people to use this code save $50 off the already low EARLY BIRD prices. Which means you can score a festival ticket for only $549 CDN, or a student ticket for $129! So order here and use this discount code for $50 off any ticket!

Visit: and use the code, weareten


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