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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing The Blogroll

There are many designers, developers, and writers that I admire and respect. Some are on the blogroll. Others will be added down the road. For now, it's my pleasure to introduce a few gentlemen from the list.

David Carson
Carson's work is where my interests in design began. But I wouldn't realize it until years later when I purchased The End of Print. From this book, I realized that Carson was the designer behind the skate & grunge aesthetic of the late 80's and early 90's. And since then, I've collected all his books and continued to be inspired by his work.

Colin Moock
I first encountered Colin through his website, I was trying to figure out some little tid-bit of code. After a strange animation of two washroom signs having sex, I found what I was looking for. And, as it turns out, so did thousands of other eager flash kids. And we still do.

John Iacoviello
John is fairly new to the list. But I have no doubt he's been rocking the Casbah longer than we've all known him. Since his iconic site debut on The Favorite Website Awards, John has left our chilly winters for the warm California sun. But I never would have known all this unless I had had the pleasure of working with some of his code.

Grant Skinner
I first encountered Grant through his work on, what I believe to be, the very first Flash components. But unfortunately, this incredible initiative was quickly overshadowed when Macromedia came out with their own. Nevertheless, Grant broke through and has gone on to win numerous awards and help many designers and developers bring their work to life. He taught me that, good things come to those who do good things - eventually.

Keith Peters
Keith's tireless efforts at have been an enormous help to myself and many others for years. But I first placed a name to the code after reading a particularly personal post regarding his frustration over the ignorance of some HR departments. Glad to see those days are long gone. Through Keith and his books, we've all found new use and appreciation for the concepts that make animation and interaction fun.

Erik Natzke
I remember reading a little blurb about Erik many years ago. I identified with his sensibility when I read that he, too, dismantled many of his toys for the purpose of making other, more interesting, toys. And I think what makes his motion graphics or generative illustrations so interesting is that he hasn't stopped this process. It's not often that an artist appreciates the magic of code. I'm glad Erik is one of them.

Dan Frommer
Dan is probably the very first person I met online. We were both very young when I first stumbled upon his website, Fromedome's Page From Hell. Which, at the time, was the most radical departure from anything else I had seen. Dan taught me everything I needed to know in order to create great websites and get suspended from school. Check him out, he's a designer, writer and all around cool dude.

Ted Patrick
Ted is a platform evangelist at Adobe. Ted, like many others at Adobe (and previously Macromedia) have been a tremendous help to designs and developers looking to carve their path. But you've also got to love a guy that produces a library like FDOT. Anything that makes my day job a little easier (and ultimately affords me more time to play with shiny objects) holds a special place in my Actionscript Heart.


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