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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Multi-touch Drawing & Flickr Photo Viewer in Flash

I attended Lee Brimelow's multitouch demo at FITC Toronto this year. It was a great demo showing the multi-touch capabilities and testing features in Flash CS5. But the tip I was most excited about was a commercially available capacitive display for true multi-touch from 3M. It's a little pricey, but a worthy investment if you're an interactive designer or developer.

This video demo's some of the tests I've been doing to ramp-up multi-touch in Livebrush. There's a simple drawing demo that uses velocity and friction and a Flickr photo viewer. You can grab the source files below the video.

Source Files
The draw demo doesn't use any libraries. But the Flickr viewer uses Adobe's CoreLib, Flickr API, and CasaLib. I've included text files where you need to add these code libraries. 
To be clear, the multiple gesture issue noted in this video isn't really a problem. It's a limitation of windows. But if you ignore the built in gestures completely, you can detect and respond to the same gestures with custom code for better results. Checkout TheFlashBlog for another demo using a custom api written by Tim Kukulski.


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