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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introducing The Blogroll Part 2

Like David Carson, Mr. Curtis shaped me in ways I couldn't realize until many years later. What hooked me was his innovative use of video at the time. It was all I needed to solidify my interest in interaction design. Check out his book, Making The Invisible Visible (MTIV) for a candid discussions on new media and design.

Joshua Davis was one of the first to explore generative processes in Flash by combining his harmonious illustrations with code. For me, I think Joshua represents that moment when everyone realized it was okay to make code do crazy things - without any other purpose but to make beautiful art.

I met Joe almost two years ago. I was in the midst of a particularly sticky phase of building Livebrush, and I really didn't want to leave my computer. But a little voice insisted I checkout his talk at FITC. What conspired in this session may very well be what kept me going and brought Livebrush to launch. Joe is the genius behind Moccasin and Noteflight.

Another newcomer. I identify with Drew in his vision of the future of creative tools. His development work is motivated by his artistic endeavors and, fortunately for us all, yields some pretty amazing mashups between creative tools.

Ryan is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe. I was following Ryan for some time before I decided to contact him about Livebrush. Beyond the great information on his blog, Ryan shares a lot of insight and doesn't hold back. I find his attitude refreshing and I'm thankful for his advice and feedback.


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